Monday, September 07, 2009


After simple breakfast, woon and I visit Clan Jetty for "Bangun".

We meet JiAn at his ghost room, he said the room has no one to live for many years, when he open the door, he saw two lizards eating lunch there and the floor board was broken in the dark. After one night, the dweller of Chew Jetty helped JiAn to clean up, so he can install whole his photography work of behavior art in the small space.

Jian works in his traditional chinese opera house.
A cute 2 years old boy named Catrina and his artist mother was drawing the signboard outside. JiAn's timber room just played the traditional dialect opera and silde show interior, many umber color stools was install higher to stick his photos.Catrina just sit with me in front of the slide show,he like the shadow from the machine, and I play hand shadow with him, then, Catrina ask for walk around with me in the long verandah of Chew Jetty.
The homestay house is used for artists working space this workshop.

A timber panel painted with a shark, the big fish smile and friendly. The panel just put in-between two houses of dwellers, so the shark is like jumping from the sea.Catrina saw the shark and shouted "fish! fish".

Shark mouse from the sea.Its a timber panel door.

In a ruin destroy by the fire, many column form put in the space.The house just got fire after this Chinese new year (god's birth,tien gon dan天公誕), the tien gon dan is an important festival of Hokkien dialect group, and most famous in Penang Island is Chew Jetty.The house was destroyed and became a ruin,we still can see the timber framework of the room.

The material of column is polyacroty(聚酯樹脂i guess),in the day just more than 10 columns high then ppl, but in the night, the column became the lighter which stand in the ruin. Another gable wall of timber house is a brilliant background of the art pieces.
Abstract people in the day ruin space.

Near the head of the jetty(faced sea)is the home-stay guest house of artists, they lived with the dwellers and created their installation art work.

I meet a 7 year old boy named 郭杰聖, he wear a name card"I love the sea, I love Clan Jetties."*.
I asked him "you lived in Chew Jetty, and what is your full name?"

郭杰聖 answered me "My surname is not Chew, I am 郭杰聖,the Koay Jetty is disappeared."**
I encouraged him "wow! you can be a tour guide in the future because you like Clan Jetty, right!"
including three languages, english, chinese and bahasa melayu.
I love the sea, I love Clan Jetties.


How people define their place?
Cognitive Map of Clan Chew Jetty community

An artist collected many fragmentary fabric, people can tie it on the wire of the mini timber jetty.I felt the fabric is another wishing tree for your family or friends.

I tie another yellow fabrics in Kek Lok Si Temple(極樂寺) on Penang Flag Hill(升旗山).When people lived in the natural environment,like mountain or sea-any kinds of end of the world, their family is close to them in the position.The words can be tracing far away from high land or by the sea.
Lucky belts for your family far away by the wind and sea.

A man from Ipoh, whos father is the ceramic tiles boss.He kilned many bones form, and combine all bones together.The form of "bone clain" is not only like the fish,but also like the structures of the Clan Jetty communities.

Ceramic fish bone from Ipoh.怡保的陶瓷魚骨頭.

A Japanese sculptor
"kite on the sea"
material-bamboo slice with hinge's a natural night with melody and rhythm..
music like percussion.
within whole community
people walk around in midnight.

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