Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mother and Child (2009)

我最喜歡的句子是:『後悔是最厲害的殺手。』(Regret is the best killer.)

這故事有幾個有趣的點,一個是盲眼女孩,一個是Karen丈夫前妻所生的女兒Melissa 。看起來和我們沒有血緣關係且充滿距離感的人,往往卻是最能一語道破的人。

." Find her now -- before time runs out. After that only regret remains. And regret is a killer. ...MELISSA "

盲眼女孩在天台上和大肚子的Elizabeth聊天,盲眼女孩看不到對方是誰,反而讓彼此顯得安心(跟"網友"的概念很像啊 --- 看不見的,最安全),盲眼女孩隨意輕鬆地聊母親對她的看法,Elizabeth也願意聊自己不願提及的身世,當盲眼女孩輕撫Elizabeth的大肚子那一幕,喔,超有力量。

後來Elizabeth雖然有前置胎盤,可是他爲什麼要堅持自然產(delivery)?其實因為意外有了這個孩子,反而給了Elizabeth自己一個機會,因為她一直認為自己是被拋棄的,即使屬於一種不幸,但人予生具來就擁有一種天性-一種愛人的能力,即使不被愛。可能唯有經過母親自然產的推擠" I'm going to push her out myself. ",那種活生生的賦予,才算真實。


" I was born November 7, 1973. I don't want to impose myself on you. I don't want to be a nuisance. I am pregnant and I'd like my baby to know where she comes from. (我懷孕了,而我希望我的孩子知道她從何而來)

I live in Los Angeles. I am successful in my work and financially independent. I am open to sharing more about myself and if you were open to that as well, it would be welcome. If you don't want to communicate with me, I will also understand and accept it.

If we were to meet, I think we should look forward, not back, and build something new.

My name is Elizabeth. I think of you often."

" She’s taken over everything. All day and night. Me, me, me. Feed me, hold me, clean me. I do it all and she cries and wails anyway. Who the fuck does she think she is? "

" What did you think this was going to be? Jesus! Stop whining and grow the fuck up and get your act together and be the mother! " 


" I never saw you. With a new haircut.With new shoes. When was your first period? Was someone there to help? Did anyone explain? Did you hear the rain one night, when I heard it? What gave you comfort? I've missed it all -- and I've accepted it. But today I met Ella.Her little face is like a bird that flies high over thirty-eight years that have gone on and on and on like a horrible parade. But now it has passed.Only Ella remains, God bless her. Ella is peace.(只有Ella留下了,上帝愛她,Ella是平和的) "

有時候看待一件事情好像太果斷了,為什麼有人選擇領養(Adoption),爲什麼會有人被遺棄 (abandoned)?如果我沒有當媽媽,我應該無法體會。關於現代修道院辦理領養的敘述很有趣,也關乎責任(Responsibility)和權利 (Rights),包括誰可以寫信給誰或誰可以主動與誰聯繫。
導演就是改寫劇本的人,好喜歡她的敘事方式! 趨於人性的feminism。

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